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Debbie Burns and Patty Cockrell

Authors of TUKIE TALES™

We’re sisters and best friends and we wrote TUKIE TALES™ together. After we grew up, we had families of our own. We watched the daily news and saw terrible things happening around the world and it was very distressing to both of us. It was very sad to see the way people bullied and treated each other. We talked about it and decided that we had to try to do something to help. We really didn’t know what to do or how we could do it; we just knew we had to do something. We want all children to be safe, to have honest values, and care about the world. Teaching positive life skills to children is the answer. 


We decided that we needed to start with very young children. We thought the best way we could help was to write stories for children with full color illustrations. We started to write our stories on February 15, 1993. It has been a long journey to complete the books, get them illustrated, and published. We wrote our stories in honor of all victims of violence. Parents can use TUKIE TALES™ as fun and entertaining tools to teach their children about safety, positive values, and appreciation of nature. Our stories were written with compassion and love in our hearts for all of our world’s children in the hope of making a positive difference.

Our sweet Mother. Our Hero. We will love you forever...

August 20, 1932 to July 17, 2012


We are so thankful to God for choosing you to be our Mother. Thank you so much for taking care of us, teaching us, and loving us. We love you so very much. You are missed by everone who knew you. Rest now Mama, and wait for us. We will see you again. Love always and forever...

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